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Rebecca - I was wondering if you would consider doing a shorter one on one mentoring session with me, maybe 2 hours instead of four? What I am craving right now is learning everything I can about finding/recognizing/breathing gorgeous light. And you have that down and then some.

Thank you for your time and talent.


Carina Monroy - I am wondering where you are located. I live in Cancun Mexico, but travel to the US a couple times a year, primally to Calif. and Houston, Tx.

Jessica Haynes - Hi Becky,
I love your style. I love the voice you use in your blog and the natural beauty you capture in your photography. Im really new to doing photography as a profession, totally self taught… I’ve got a lot I’d like to learn. I’d like to consider doing a mentorship with you but I need to know where you are located to know if it is even possible. I’m located in central California. I’d be willing to drive north or south if you are in the state. Thanks so much.

Jessica Haynes

dbaker - What if I wanted to be mentored (film)?

Melissa Brown - Hi Becky – love, love your new website. I also love your images, blog but mostly your personality. Your personality comes across the screen and you seem so real and down to earth about all that you do.

Anyway, I took a photography class last year and have tried to take good pictures of my children (twins) but can’t seem to get that “a-ha” declaration that I understand it all. I love to take pictures and some are good but mostly I need help.

Anyway, I can’t seem to find out where you are located to take advantage of your mentoring offers. I live in FL so most likely I will be using on-line mentoring training. I would love to learn PS too as I have it but it’s just sitting there wishing to be used!

Do you have certain times in which you offer your courses throughout the year?

Thank you!

Melissa Brown

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