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takes my breath away

This weeks challenge was “Takes my Breathe Away” and my friend Ciara (seriously, check out her photography right this second- she is amazing) does just that!

Be sure to go on to visit the awesomely talented, Valeria Spring with the Red Balloon Photography!

Live better. Love more.

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CV Love - So beautiful photos!

Kara May - These are stunning Becky!! Love this grouping of images. Breathless indeed. :)

Beth Ross | Tyler TX Photographer - These are all so beautiful. She is gorgeous and the light is amazing. I love all of the different compositions and detail shots.

MrsFun - You did an amazing job of capturing her personality. She is beautiful.

gina - loving the many many emotions you captured with cara. and who doesn’t love bursts of real laughter. i can hear her;)

Becca - You are ridiculously talented, these are so pretty!

martha schuster - oh these are just beautiful! your details are amazing. i love the one of her laughing!

Jessica Drossin - Your photos always seem so true and real, yet impossibly lovely.

tracie ruffner - BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Meredith S - Such beautiful shots.. and I love her hair!

cass miller - Beautiful, Beck!

Marie - My Oh My, she is stunning…

Life with Kaishon - Absolutely beautiful : ) What a pretty girl This made me think of Sue Bryce hands!

sharon - yes breathtaking for sure!

toni raper - big big BIG love! This set are the exact portraits I dream about being able to take one day, they are perfect to me in every way.

amanda - oh my GOSH. so GOOD!

Sheryll - They are simplistic (but far from “simple”) and beautiful. You captured her perfectly, Becky!

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