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Its Back!!

The first ever Back to Basics: Intro to Film workshop (with both Ryan and myself) went amazing!! Hosted by BLOOM in the end of last year. Welllll…we are back!

Back to Basics: An Intro To Film is a mini workshop designed to teach you everything you need to know to start shooting and loving film. Ryan and I will cover choosing the right camera for you, formats, film stocks, metering, labs, learning to see light and MORE!

Featuring giveaways from Indie Film Lab and Kodak. Right off the bat Indie Film Lab will be giving each person who signs up for the workshop a 30% discount on their first order. PLUS they have gift cards for a few lucky attendees! How awesome is that?!

Videos, discussions and a pdf. from the workshop will be provided. Come learn and have a good time talking about film and the awesomeness of photography! We will cover cameras, film types, metering, labs, post processing and more!

So what’s the 411?

1. This workshop is for forum members only. Therefore, you must be a member of the forum to take the workshop. To become a member, head HERE to sign up.
2. The workshop will run from Monday, April 22nd – Monday, May 6th.
3. 30 active seats will be available at $300.00 per seat.
4. 20 silent/read-a-long seats will be available at $250.00 per seat.
5. ALL participants will receive a PDF workshop book and access to the videos.
6. All student will receive access to the After The Workshop Ends private forum to continue discussing the workshop with their peers.
7. Registration is NOW OPEN on a first come, first serve basis.

If you have any questions regarding the content of the workshop, please email me directly at For all other forum questions, email Bloom at

Thanks all!

Live better. Love more.

♥ be

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I want them to remember me too…

I think its pretty safe to say that I will treasure this image 20 years from now, more then I can even comprehend right now. I won’t be worried about how I looked. I won’t be embarrassed that I still had the same makeup on as I did the day before. Or that my hair wasn’t curled or even combed but that it was just tucked behind my ear to keep it out of my face.

It will simply remind me of a time when my babies would still snuggle on my lap and they would tell me about their day.

I’m pretty sure she will treasure it just as much.

Live better. Love more. Photograph truth.

♥ be

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sharon - such a beautiful treasure

zoe - AMEN!

amy grace - this is intense. beautifully intense. becky i would take this over something set up and designed any day. the fact that you do sends out this small but strong beacon to so many moms. this is the thing we all run on. this is love, how it feels. and you don’t ever need makeup. xo

Melissa - transparency at it’s best! your so lovely :)

Merry Christmas!

Jennifer Warthan - I imagine her children finding it one day and nestling it in a special place in their own homes.

Angelica - Your photographs are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing them with us! I still have so much to learn but love that I’m inspired to capture real life and truth!

solene - Beautiful simple moment captured. What you’re saying resonates so much with me. Love.

brooke - OH wow, this is all so gorgeous.

Tom - i really want to be a part of your family. You all seem wonderful! Anytime you’re ‘down under’ i’ll show you the best bits :)

Jackie - It’s a beautiful shot :) I am trying to remember to get more shots of me with my kids too despite my own view of my imperfections, they don’t see them, they just see their mom :)

Melissa gray - These are my favorite kinds of images. They speak volumes. Beautiful.

Tristan B. - This is so beautiful, both the prose + the photo!

love one another

I was actually looking up to wallow in self pity. I wanted to see with my eyes that it was going to pour rain on me as I had to walk my girls to school today (three times). Justin had to take the car to work this morning, and as I looked out the window to major storm clouds, I was instantly annoyed.

And then as it goes, I went to the website and was knocked right on my ass. Humbled and shut right up.

There was a video that showed a police officer on the freezing New York streets buying a homeless man (a veteran no less) (how veterans are not living in castles and hand fed grapes everyday is really shocking to me, but that’s another post) shoes. He was barefoot and probably more cold then we can even imagine.

One human being took a few seconds out of his life to notice another. Another in need. And instead of worrying about where he needed to be or that there just isn’t enough money in the ‘ol savings account to spare a little, he served.

It made me feel pretty stupid, actually. That I was honestly annoyed that I had to go outside in the cold (with my beanie, and long pants, and wool socks and winter boots and a scarf and a nice and cozy winter jacket) for about ten minutes. That as soon as I got home, I would be warm and would be able to make myself some hot chocolate or soup if I needed.

I have so much more then this man who served our country so bravely and unselfishly. Yet it’s is always so easy to forget how good we have it. How much we actually do have.

It reminded me that I need to do more. I need to really ‘see’ those around me. Especially those who might be in need or are suffering. Monetarily, emotionally, physically, mentally.

Do more. We can ALWAYS do more.

Live better. Love more. Photograph truth.

♥ be

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Rachael may - I recently through a crazy turn of events met a women in Rockaway beach new jewelry who has spent most of the last month trying to desperately help
Those who lost EVERYTHING in the hurricane. She brings food, runs errands, and cleans homes of people she hardly knows. It was touching and inspiring, that even though we have programs set up in this amazing nation to help those that go without, people so willingly give nearly every ounce of extra they have.
Needless to say…I send to overflowing boxes of toys to her to redistribute to the kids in her neighborhood who lost everything and won’t get much of a Christmas this year otherwise.

I truly believe we are happier people when we give…more than we receive.

Sarah Cate - This made me tear up a bit, then I smiled. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing!


Tanya - Oh man, loved the story, loved your post. Both are inspiring. Thank you.

Bobbie Brown - Wow. I have chillbumps and tears. Thank you for sharing.

I swear I was just tired…

My two girls are born one year and four days apart. Needless to say they share a birthday party each year. Sadie has been dying for a Taylor Swift birthday party. Jessie has gone along with it, but I could tell her heart wasn’t in it.

Today Jessie said to me, “Mom, I don’t really want a Taylor Swift birthday party. But Sadie really wants it and she’s my older sister and I love her. So I’m okay with a Taylor Swift party.”

I am going to blame the tears that creeped from my eyes on being exhausted from being up the night before till 3am.

But I think really, I cried because all I really want in this life is for my kids to be good people. To be compassionate and caring. To be loving and giving. To be empathetic and open to everyone. To think of others before themselves. And I think in that moment, I realized that Jess ‘got it’. She has listened to the many times her dad and I have told her to love others. And that love requires a lot of compromise and complete unselfishness.

They have their quarrels and their arguments. But these sister have something special. And I love having their example of what love truly looks like, in my home.

*I have started to develop my own black and white film at my house and these are each hand developed by me. I have a lot to learn, but I am addicted!*

Live better. Love more. Photograph truth.

♥ be

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Melissa - Love this so much, Becky. Your girls are such a reflection of your kind, loving heart. And your bw developing is gorgeous!

Shannon Wilkinson - This brought tears to MY eyes. Your girls are beautiful people…not just because of how stunning they are on the outside but because of who they are on the inside.

kati - aww i love it. good girls, good mama.

Toni Raper - beautiful story, sisters are one of the best things on earth.

Lindsey B - crying…i grew up with boys but have two girls and I see this a in them…thank you for sharing. Your girls are beautiful..on the inside and their souls clearly intertwined…what a way to grow up.

love this post

Kiera - Perfection. For real. So very you. Your girls have my heart.

Lisa - Beautiful. wonderful. I wish my son had a sibling. I hope soon!

Val Spring - Tears coming down. What a sweet soul your Jessie is! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being the Mom of two sisters that share such a strong bond and care so much for eachother. These photos are so beautiful, and carry so much love and emotion. I can’t tell you how much I like this post! It’s so incredibly touching.
And you have no idea how much you’ve been inspiring me lately to want to dig out my film gear that has been collecting dust for almost 10 years. And as I was reading about you hand developing these rolls of film, all those chemical smells came right back and with them so many amazing memories. I hope I can make the time to get back into that beautiful addiction soon ;) Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing such a beautiful post! xoxo

sharon - so awesome that you developed these! i was terrible at developing in high school and that threw me off from photography for a long time – very impressed!

cass miller - These are to die for, Becky! I love that we have the two girls close in age in common. Your words always speak right to my heart. xo

stacy k - oh, melt my heart! that’s so sweet … love the photos, as always. :)

amy grace - wow, becky…I feel these like a memory. i am writing on that very same page with my kids, and so when i see that in yours, and hear the explosion of love from you, about theirs, it makes me feel that the world is good. you aren’t just growing kids, you’re growing hope. your earnestness and joy in your life, in your tribe, is just lovely. the images alone are so sincere and pure. but the heart that drives them into being is quite special.

Michelle nicoloff - Oh Becky! These are just beautiful and priceless! I love the values you are teaching your kids:) we just had a similar talk with our kids tonight…about putting others before yourself:) our talk was about giving up a few Christmas gifts to help others in need:) my oldest offered to give up all his gifts & He made me so proud:) xo

kelsey - Aw, isn’t that always the way of the younger sister? It seems to be here as well… :) Sweet, sweet girls.

Stephanie - Beautiful as always! And re: the developing….it’s such a rush isn’t it? I remember the first time I developed my own film and print 17 years ago. My heart leaped out of my chest and new photography would be in my life, some way, some how.

Melissa Gray - I remember developing my own black and whites in high school. Soo addicting, the whole process. These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

print your photos!

24×34 print from Indie Film Lab. Image taken on BW400CN on my 35mm Canon A1.

(iphone pic)

Live better. Love more. Photograph truth.

♥ be

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Stephanie - that printed image is beyond. just beyond.

Melissa gray - Gawd this is awesome.

Tristan B. - I just bought a Canon A1 and this photo has me SO inspired. Love the print and your daughter is such a beauty (she looks like a mini you). Thank you for sharing the lab plus what film you used!